Field Service

Field Service Organization: With extensive coverage throughout the whole world. Our Customer Support Engineers (CSE's) are thoroughly trained for all Omicron NanoTechnology products. We continuously analyse our field support needs, and add personnel as necessary to maintain our high level of support and customer satisfaction. Omicron NanoTechnology Field Service utilizes the latest communications and computer networking technologies to assure efficiency and customer satisfaction.


Upgrades are an all-important part of keeping up with the latest developments at minimal costs and without compromising quality. Our highly qualified engineers are not only capable of servicing your equipment to a high standard, but can also perform any technical upgrades that you need.


Training courses are an effective method for acquiring the knowledge necessary to get the most out of your Omicron instruments. Omicron offers a comprehensive range of courses (classroom or on-site) that combine in-depth theory with hands-on coaching sessions.

Spare parts

Spare parts and loaner exchange items are located at different customer service locations world wide to guarantee fast and easy spare parts availability. A Customer Service product list is distributed regularly to allow simple spare part identification. Over night shipments are available.

Depot repair

A full range of repair services are available should the need arise. Our qualified specialists provide timely and efficient servicing for your Omicron instruments. As the first contact point, Help Line are maintained at Omicron subsidiaries worldwide, with trained specialists - that speak your local language - available to assist you.

Preventive maintenance

Keep your instrument in top condition with our regular preventive maintenance, which helps to maintain the high standards of accuracy and precision that your application needs, as well as minimizing instrument downtime. Regular maintenance can also help to increase the lifespan and productivity of Omicron instruments.