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Scienta Omicron - Products and Capabilities
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FALL 2016 News
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SPRING 2016 News
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SO_Scanned Probe Lithography
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SO_Fermi SPM

SPM in a Temperature Range from 15 K to 400 K

  • Compact Design• Compact Design
  • Tip and Sample Cooled
  • Low Thermal Drift
  • STM, AFM & Spectroscopy
  • Sub pA STM
  • Sensor Exchange & 2D Coarse
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SO_Variable Temperature UHV SPM

Benchmarking UHV STM and AFM Technology

  • 25K – 1500 K
  • True pA STM
  • Improved dI/dV Spectroscopy
  • Beam Deflection AFM
  • QPlus AFM
  • In-situ Evaporation
PDF  4.22 MB
SO_VT XA Series

Benchmarking UHV STM and AFM Technology

  • 50 K – 500 K / 650 K
  • True pA STM
  • Improved dI/dV Spectroscopy
  • Beam Deflection AFM
  • QPlus AFM
  • In-situ Evaporation
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Ultimate Probing at the Nanoscale

  • Four Fully Independent Scanning
  • Tunnelling Microscopes
  • 4-Point Transport Measurements
  • Excellent STM Performance for Spectroscopy and Manipulation
  • Base Temperature T < 5 K
  • High Resolution SEM Navigation
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SO_MBE Solutions
  • Growth System Soluti ons for all
  • Fields of Applicati on
  • Excellent Sample Thickness &
  • Doping Homogenity
  • Layer Growth with Outstanding
  • Performance
  • Low Background Doping Level
  • Excellent Carrier Density & Mobility
  • Very Low Defect Density
PDF  4.42 MB

Photo Emission Electron Microscope

  • 20 nm Lateral Resolution
  • Easy to Operate
  • Real-Time Imaging
  • Surface Sensitivity Microscopy
  • Chemical Mapping
  • Local Spectroscopy
  • Compatible with MULTIPROBE UHV Systems
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SO_VUV5k Retractable
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SO-AR-XPS at environmental conditions
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I-PDF Matrix vs Scala
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Zyvector Booklet
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PDF  1.30 MB
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IC_Argus CU
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IC_DA 30 ARPES System
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IC_DA 30
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IC_LAB 10+ MBE and SPM Systems
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IC_MBE Systems
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Interactive PDF-NanoESCA II
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Argus CU

Next Generation Hemispherical Analyser

  • Excellent Sensitivity
  • Compresion Lens
  • True Counting Multi-Anode Detector
  • Linear Response up to the Highest Count Rates
  • Excellent Dynamic Range
  • Snapshot and Dynamic XPS
  • Chemical State Mapping
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MATRIX for Electron Spectroscopy

Version V 3.1

  • Intuitive user interface
  • Predefined experiment setup
  • Excellent data management
PDF  2.51 MB

A Family of Multi-Technique Surface

  • Science Systems - Single Supplier, Total Support for Multiple Techniques
  • Flexible, Turn-Key UHV Systems
  • Designed According to Customer’s Requirements
PDF  4.61 MB

Next Generation Hemispherical Analyser

  • Excellent Sensitivity
  • True Counting Multi-Anode Detector
  • Linear Response up to the Highest Count Rates
  • Excellent Dynamic Range
  • Snapshot and Dynamic XPS
  • Chemical State Mapping
PDF  2.68 MB

Low Temperature UHV STM and AFM Technology

  • Low Temperature Operation at T < 5 K
  • Lowest Thermal Drift & Highest Stability
  • Ultimate STM/STS/IETS Performance
  • Leading QPlus AFM Technology
  • Variable Temperature Operation
  • Guided 3D Coarse Positioning
  • 50 Hours LHe Hold Time & Fast Cool Down
  • Safe & Quick Sample/Tip Exchange
PDF  4.16 MB
EFM Evaporators

Ultra-Pure submonolayer and Multilayer Thin Film Growth

  • Evaporation from Wires, Rods or Crucibles
  • Temperature Range up to 3300 °C
  • Integrated Flux Monitor
  • Water Cooling for Minimum Pressure Rise
  • Rear Loading for Aglinment Preservation
  • Comfortable Lab View-based PC Software
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Micro Piezo Slide MS 5

Omicron‘s patented fi ne positioning technology, developed for use under the stringent conditions of ultra-high vacuum, has proven its ability to perform with accuracy and reliability in countless exacting applications in laboratories throughout the world.

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HIS 13 - High Intensity VUV Source
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ISE 5 - Cold Cathode Ion Sputter Source

The ISE 5 is a compact and versatile ion sputtering source which offers a low energy capability, making it the ideal source for cleaning sensitive samples and single crystals routinely used in SPM research. It is very simple and easy to use with long operating times.

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EKF 300 - 0.1 to 5 keV (multi-function) Electron Source

The EKF 300 Electron Source with the NGE 52 Electron Source Power Supply is a highly versatile 0.1 to 5 keV electron source designed for both static Auger measurements and for use as an electron foold source. The spot size can be adjusted down to 300 µm within an energy range from 1 keV to 5 keV at the standard working distance of 66 mm.

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CN 10 - Charge Neutraliser

The CN 10 is an electron source for charge neutralisation. The low energy spread of the Ba0 filament ensures ultimate XPS resolution on insulators. it is optimised for high beam currents down to lowest energies (10 eV and below).

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QPlus Technology

AFM Benchmark Performance

  • Atomic Resolution AFM at the Highest Performance Levels
  • High Bandwidth for Working at High Frequencies
  • Simultaneous STM & STS
  • QPlus AFM from 5 K to 300 K with the LT STM
  • QPlus AFM from 25 K to > 1000 K with the VT SPM Series
PDF  3.69 MB
NanoSAM Lab

Scanning Auger with Ultimate Resolution

  • 5 nm SAM Resolution
  • 3 nm SEM Resolution
  • Depth Profi ling and Charge Neutralisation
  • Additional Techniques: EBSD, SEMPA, FIB, EBL

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