Cobalt adatoms resting atop a graphene sheet on a SiO2 substrate.

ROM 2012-8
Author: Victor W. Brar 1,2, Regis Decker1,2 Hans-Michael Solowan1, Yang Wang 1, Lorenzo Maserati 1, Kevin T. Chan 1,2, Hoonkyung Lee 1,2, Caglar O. Girit 1,2, Alex Zettl 1,2, Steven G. Louie 1,2, Marvin L. Cohen 1,2 and Michael F. Crommie 1,2
Institute: 1) Department of Physics, University of California at Berkeley, Berkeley, California, USA 2) Materials Sciences Division, Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory, Berkeley, California, USA
Publication: Nature Physics 7, 43–47 (2011)
Instrument: LT STM

The image shows a 10nm×10nm scan of a graphene surface following Co adatom deposition. Co adatoms appear as ~4 Å high dome-like protrusions on the graphene surface (two cobalt adatoms can be seen in this image). Scanning tunnelling meaurements were performed on individual cobalt (Co) atoms deposited onto backgated graphene devices. Experiments were performed using an Omicron LT-STM operating in ultra high vacuum (UHV) and at 4.2 K.