High resolution nc-AFM and STM imaging of single molecules.

ROM 2012-1
Author: Alexander Riss (riss@berkeley.edu), Sebastian Wickenburg, Hsin-Zon Tsai, Kacey Meaker, Aaron Bradley, Mike Crommie
Institute: Department of Physics, UC Berkeley, USA
Instrument: LT STM

Single Pentacene molecules on NaCl/Cu(111) have been imaged by nc-AFM and STM at 4K. Whereas the tunnelling current images resemble the electronic density of the molecular frontier orbitals (HOMO and LUMO) [1], nc-AFM can provide atomically resolved images when probing chemical forces [2].

[1] J. Repp et al.; PRL 94, 026803 (2005)
[2] L. Gross et al.; Science 325, 1110-4 (2009)