Ultimate Nanoprobing with Four Independent Scanning Probe Microscopes

The UHV System Concept

A specially designed UHV system and dedicated damping technologies are fundamental requirements for optimal performance of all measurement techniques.

An extremely rigid frame carries the thick-walled main chamber and is vibration-isolated by a pneumatic auto-levelling damping system. In addition, the UHV NANOPROBE stage is efficiently de-coupled by a VITON stack damping system ensuring both STM performance and a rigid mechanical loop to the high-resolution UHV Gemini column.

The standard configuration 'UHV NANOPROBE S' is a stand-alone single-chamber system equipped with a fast entry load lock and two storage carousels for probe tips and samples.

The system concept is modular and the standard 'S' system can be extended or even upgraded later to a dual-chamber system 'UHV NANOPROBE XP'. This extension allows for separate sample preparation by sputtering, annealing, and thin film deposition or integration of additional analysis techniques.


From NanoLAB to NanoFAB

Sophisticated analysis technologies are widely integrated with the complex production process of nanodevices under ultra- clean UHV conditions. This fact requires fully integrated UHV system solutions incorporating deposition techniques such as MBE, CVD, PVD, PLD, structuring techniques ranging from FIB and EBL down to atomic-scale manipulation using SPM, and additional analysis techniques such as AES, SAM, RHEED and many others.

Omicron's customised solutions range from thin film deposition facilities to multi-chamber systems for extended sample production/modification and analysis. These can be provided within the same frame or within an interconnected multi-system environment. The shown UHV systems are impressive examples of Omicron's unique capabilities to translate a clear scientific idea into a tailored solution.


System of the Month April 2011

Ultimate Nanoprobing with Four Independent Tips

- Four Fully Independent STMs
- Equipped with one high resolution scanner
- High Resolution SEM Navigation
- 4-Point Transport Measurements
- Glass Fibre Integration (Multimode fibre - 300 to 1300 nm wavelength)
- 4 electrical sample contacts
- Matrix Control System for Nanoprobe
- System equipped with a sample preparation chamber

Institut für Festkörperphysik / Prof. Pfnür / Univ. Hannover, Germany