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Poster: "Dark Field Photoelectron Emission Microscopy of Micron Scale Few Layer Graphene"

Date: 2012-Nov

Conference: LEEM/PEEM8 in Hong Kong, China

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ROM 2012-4 
High resolution real and reciprocal space photoelectron emission microscopy on heterogeneous Graphene/SiC(000-1)
Author:Nicholas BARRETT (1), Konrad WINKLER (2), Burkhard KROEMKER (2), Edward CONRAD (3)
Institute:( 1) IRAMIS, Saclay, France, (2) Omicron NanoTechnology, Germany, (3) GeorgiaTech, Atlanta, GE, United States
Instrument: NanoESCA
ROM 2011-10 
Imaging XPS on MRS-3 calibration standard
Author:Burkhard Kroemker, Konrad Winkler
Institute:Omicron NanoTechnology GmbH
Instrument: NanoESCA
ROM 2011-7 
Micron-scale chemical state mapping of gold-tin patterns by spectroscopic XPEEM (NanoESCA)
Author:O. Renault, A. Garnier
Institute:CEA, LETI, Minatec Campus, F-38054 Grenoble Cedex 9, France
Publication:M. Escher*, K. Winkler, O. Renault, N. Barrett, J. Electron Spectrosc. Relat. Phenom. 178-179 (2010) 303-316,
Instrument: NanoESCA