General Information

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Easy & Safe Sample Transfer

All the MULTIPROBE systems feature a common sample transfer and manipulation concept using sample manipulators (with integrated sample heating/cooling options), transfer rods (with transfer head providing a positive locking mechanism for complete sample protection), wobbelsticks and storage carousels. This guarantees a safe and reliable transfer between all experimental stations even within extended multi-chamber systems.


Sample Plates

The standardized design of the Omicron sample plates and tip holders ensures complete compatibility with the sample transfer and manipulation system. Standard sample plates are manufactured in various materials including stainless steel, tantalum and molybdenum. To enable the preparation of semiconductors, plates with facilities for direct current heating are available.


Bench & Chambers

A combination of a rigid bench construction, optional air damping legs and an uncompromising internal vibration isolation system are the elementary basis and guarantee for ultimate SPM, SEM and SAM resolution. All chambers are made of either non-magnetic stainless steel or Mu-metal for efficient magnetic shielding. The analysis chambers provide sufficient flanges for upgrades of the system with additional analysis techniques.


Bake Out

MULTIPROBE systems are equipped with a unique system and bakeout controller that allows simple and easy handling of the complete vacuum system including the operation of pumps, valves, vacuum interlocks and bakeout. The programmable and interlocked bakeout guarantees system safety and ease-of-operation. An electro-pneumatic gate valve on the turbomolecular pump protects the chamber from backstreaming in the case of power failure. Rigid and easy to assemble bakeout panels speed up the bakeout procedures.


Sample Heating / Cooling

Standard sample manipulators have x,y,z travel and primary rotation and are fitted as standard with a resistive pyrolytic boron nitride sample heater for temperatures up to > 900° C.

Many options are available like e.g. secondary rotation (azimuthal) or tilt. Further sample heating options permit direct current heating of semiconductors up to > 1200° C or e-beam heating (up to > 1100 ° C) for metals. LN2 and LHe cryogenic options are also available, as well as special stages for ultra-high temperatures (> 2000° C).


Pumping Configuration

The standard pumping configuration uses turbomolecular, ion getter and titanium sublimation pumps to achieve a guaranteed base pressure of < 1x10-10 mbar. The high backing pressure of the drag-type Turbomolecular pumps simplify user-operation, whilst the standard rotary-type backing pump speeds up system pump-down. Standard pumping options are also available for e.g. oil-free environments (scrolls backing) and for in-situ aggressive gas dosing, and can be tailored to specific experimental needs.