Modular hardware and software concept

At a Glance

  • New MATRIX-SPM-Hardware-V3 available 
  • MATRIX-SPM-Software V3.3 available
  • Fully Digital
  • Best hardware performance and S/N
  • 24 Bit z resolution
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Coarse motion can be controlled by the remote-box and by the MATRIX-SPM-Software independently
  • Integrated support for Dual-Probe and Four-Probe systems
  • Dedicated and advanced spectroscopy modes
  • AFM controller with digital PLL
  • Flexible experiment control
  • Data management with Vernissage V2.2

Hardware & software concept

The MATRIX concept and architecture couples advances in high-speed, low-noise digital electronics with the requirements of the latest SPM applications. This offers the user an unprecedented level of signal quality, measurement speed, and experimental control/flexibility. The flexible design and modular nature, is the key to cope with future challenges in Scanning Probe Microscopy. A multi-processor concept is the heart of the MATRIX Control System. For efficient use of available processing resources, measurement routines are distributed among the module boards. Communications between the host PC and the control electronics is based on an industry standard Fast Ethernet connection.


Beam Deflection AFM control (incl. QPlus):

The AFM controller with digital PLL is an integral solution for the MATRIX control system and a perfect match with Omicron‘s Scanning Probe Microscopes. It increases flexibility and improves usability. It offers an integrated regulator for Scanning Kelvin Probe Experiments. The superior signal-to-noise characteristic is proven by experiments.


Data Management with Vernissage

Vernissage is a data based tool , supporting data preview, browsing, advanced filtering and sorting. Also provided are dedicated plug-ins for data export, to different supported formats including: JPG, TIFF, BMP, ASCII, IGOR Pro and the Omicron Flat File Format (FFF). Vernissage also offers the generation of own plug-ins for specific file formats.


Flexible experiment control

The MATRIX Control System provides a flexible and effective means of designing advanced experiments using either the internal script editor or external software packages. Combined with a Remote Access Library, any application that is capable of calling C-language functions, for example LabVIEW, can utilize the full set of MATE features for controlling experiments remotely.