Ultimate SPM Performance below 5K

Optical access & in-situ evaporation

The LT STM has the capability for simultaneous evaporation by two evaporators during STM operation. With the sample facing down, deposition of materials from below becomes possible.

In addition, the large Z-coarse range of 10 mm for tip positioning allows for removal of the tip from the evaporation zone. The easy to operate thermal shield compartment consists of two shield pairs for LHe and LN2 shielding, respectively. To minimize heat impact, the shield concept provides three wobble stick selectable configurations: 

- SPM operation with Tmin < 5 K;
- evaporation port open and sample/sensor exchange port closed; and 
- sample/sensor exchange port open and evaporation port closed.

The four optical ports remain permanently open, while exchangeable IR-blocked quartz windows prevent heat impact.


Easy and safe sensor exchange

Sensors are exchanged under remote-control using Omicron’s patented piezo-inertia coarse positioning drives. A sensor is transferred through the UHV system on a transfer plate with a 'keyhole' cut-out and a magnet to secure the sensor. The sensor is picked up by the scanner using the remote-controlled coarse motors with observation via a long focal length CCD camera. The risk of mechanical damage is reduced to a minimum and sensor exchange is typically carried out within a few minutes.


Versatility & ease of use

Magnetic Fields: Based on a magnet coil located behind the sample plate, vertical fields can be generated in the LT STM. The use of superconducting wires avoids heat generation during operation. Coil options for pulsed fields or DC fields are available.

Variable Temperatures: The LT STM is equipped with a built-in PBN heater element and a Si diode for temperature measurement. The heater enables quick temperature variation between 5 K to ~ 60 K (LHe operation) and 78 K to ~ 250 K (LN2 operation).

Sample Contacts: The option for 4 spring-loaded electrical sample contacts provides flexibility to drive experimental devices, measure signals or apply additional potentials.


Instruments Options

  • QPlus® AFM operation
  • 4 sample contacts
  • Optical microscope for probe navigation
  • Holder for optical elements
  • Capillary for glass fibre integration
  • Superconducting coil for pulsed vertical magnetic fields or Superconducting coil for DC vertical magnetic fields
  • E-beam tip preparation tool 
  • LN2 Cooled storage carousel
  • LHe cooled sample cleaving stage
  • LHe pumping kit for T < 3K


  • Temperature controller
  • LN2 level sensor with level meter
  • Automatic LN2 refill otpion
  • Tip etching tool
  • Lock-In amplifier (e.g. for scanning tunneling spectroscopy)
  • LHe level sensor and level meter
  • Lifting gear for LT STM cryostat