Ultimate SPM Performance below 5K

Since its introduction in 1996, Scienta Omicron´s Low Temperature STM has set the standard for stability, performance and productivity for 4LHe bath cryostat STMs. More than 20 years after presenting the LT STM, the importance of low temperature SPM techniques in a wide range of active scientific fields is still unbroken. Spectroscopy on molecules, atom manipulation, carbon, superconductors, semiconductors, gases on metals, and magnetics are only a few examples where research takes great advantage of low temperature SPM. Within all these areas more publications have been produced with our LT STM than with all other commercial low temperature SPM´s combined.

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Optical spectroscopy techniques like near-infrared, TERS or low-temperature fluorescence provide detailed information about the chemical and environmental structure on organic systems. Here, Scienta Omicron introduces its new concept for advanced optical experiments at helium temperature in ultra-high vacuum environment.

LT STM III TERS (SO Flyer 01-2018)
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