Lab10 MBE System

Universal Compact Laboratory MBE Systems

At a Glance

The Lab10 MBE System is the standard MBE system with a loadlock chamber  and with an optional preparation/storage chamber. The substrate size for the Lab10 MBE system is the Scienta Omicron standard sample plate.

Its proven chamber design with up to 7 effusion cells is revealed in an excellent thickness homogeneity for a 10 mm substrate. The effusion cell capacity can range from 10 cm3 up to 35 cm3 for layer growth.

The  fast & reliable sample transfer together with the excellent performance results in a low cost of ownership. The optional available easy & intuitive to operate growth control software and the possibility to add standard Scienta Omicron analysis equipment makes this a unique MBE system for researchers.


Growth Applications

  • Metal MBE growth
  • Semiconductor growth (III-V, III-N, II-VI, SiGe)
  • Magnetic materials growth
  • Oxide MBE growth
  • Organic MBE