HIS 13

VUV-Photon Source

At a Glance

  • Photon flux > 1016 photons/s • sr
  • Small beam divergence (< ± 1°)
  • Excellent HeΙΙ/HeΙ ratio
  • Piezo ignition for easy operation
  • Viewport for discharge control
  • Low maintenance & safe operation
  • A FOCUS product

The HIS 13 vacuum ultraviolet photon source achieves very high intensities by integrating a high voltage anode into the self-centering discharge capillary (Ref. 1). A clean capillary - a prerequisite for both stability with high photon fluxes and long equipment lifetime - is maintained by means of continuous gas flow through the discharge region and optimised differential pumping.

Water cooling prevents the lamp from heating up, reduces maintanance and allows discharge currents up to 300 mA. Flexibility for different applications is provided by a choice of capillary diameters, and by the linear polarizer and toroidal focusing mirror options.

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