EKF 1000

Electron Source

At a Glance

  • Small spot electron source
  • High beam current
  • Optimized long term stability
  • Suitable for AES, SEM, SAM applications
  • Modular design

The small-spot electron source EKF 1000 provides a compact and cost-effective solution for a wide range of SAM and SEM applications as well as static AES. It offers a highly stabilised beam current, and an achievable spot size < 1 μm at 5 keV. The source is equipped with a LaB6 filament enabling a high maximum beam current.

Quadrupole x/y deflectors are employed for static and dynamic beam deflection in SAM and SEM imaging. The NGE 52 control unit covers the energy range from 100 eV to 5 keV and features a highly stabilized emission-regulated filament supply to enable reliable quantitative Auger analysis. The separate scan control unit (SCU) features both internal TV rate and PC controlled scanning.