Full Range of Electron Beam Evaporators for all Kind of Deposition

At a Glance

  • Beam angle: 15° max.
  • FWHM: ± 15° to ± 6° (approx.)
  • Flange to sample distance: 203 mm or larger
  • Insertion depth: 141.5 mm
  • Compatible with NGEFM or EVC Series Controllers
  • Options: shutter, gas inlet, pumping bypass
  • Effective water cooling
  • A FOCUS product

The EFM-H is an ideal instrument for the cleaning and etching of semiconductor surfaces (such as Si, GaAs, Ge or InP), for surface passivation, for improvement of thin film growth and other similar applications using atomic hydrogen.

The EFM-H features a cracking efficiency close to 100%, a smooth, flat and sharpely defined spot profile, a low background pressure and a surprisingly low power consumption demonstrate the outstanding performance of the EFM-H.

The typical kinetic energy of the Hydrogen atoms is about 250 meV, and neither ions nor excited molecules are produced. It is not only a well designed, but also one of the best characterised sources in the market.

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