Transfer Backbones

New Linear Transfer Line

At a glance

  • Removes length restrictions,
  • Provides for cost-effective, high quality expandability
  • Composed of independent, movable 3 m long segments

This newly designed transfer line removes length restrictions, providing for cost-effective, high quality expandability. Composed of independent, movable 3 m long segments, the linear transfer line (LTL) efficiently connects new and existing growth and analysis modules, maximizing lab space for materials innovation platforms.

Optimized pumping and quality design ensure true UHV conditions while providing a high degree of configuration flexibility.

Gate valves can separate LTL sections, minimizing cross-contamination and isolating subsystems for servicing. Multiple LTLs can then be easily extended or integrated with rotary distribution chambers.

The trolley accepts multiple sample plates or wafer carrier rings (e.g. six 2“ carrier rings).



A robust magnetic coupling mechanism between the driver and the sample trolley maintains connection as the trolley passes through flange connections and gate valves. Samples, and even the whole trolley, are easily exchanged via the load lock segment.


Transfer control

The integrated MISTRAL system monitors and controls pumps, gauges, pneumatic valves and heater controls, including bake-out recipes and remote monitoring. Optional motorization integrates convenient control from a tablet PC or the system control touch screen.