EIT+ Cluster Tool

Installed at the Wroclaw Research Centre EIT+, Wroclaw, Poland

At a Glance

The Wroclaw Research Centre EIT+ has recently received a dual-chamber MBE (III-Nitride-MBE) for 4" wafers from Scienta Omicron. The cluster has successfully been installed in the devsion NanoMAT, the application of nanotechnology in advanced materials. Besides the two MBE reactors the cluster includes a combined MXPS / SPM analysis module also featuring 4" wafer holders. The so called Large Sample AFM (SPM) allows beam deflection AFM (MFM, EFM) as well as STM, both with ultimate atomic resolution capability.

The scope of the NanoMat project encompasses interdisciplinary research activities focused on manufacturing advanced materials as well as on developing nanotechnologies in fields such as nanoelectronics, optoelectronics, microsystems, molecular electronics, photonics, non-linear optics and nanomagnetism. The aim of the proposed research is to acquire knowledge of how to obtain materials with new or improved properties, to determine their potential practical applications as well as develop selected technologies of their manufacture.