General Data

Lens acceptance angle: 38º full cone
Angular resolved range: ± 15º full cone
Angular resolution:
0.1º for 0.1 mm emission spot
0.4º for 1 mm emission spot

Working distance: 34 mm
Vacuum tank: Stainless steel
Magnetic shielding: Double μ-metal shield
Pressure: < 2×10-10 mbar
Baking temperature: 150 ºC
Analyzer radius: >180 mm

Mounting flange: NW 200 CF, rotatable
Slits: 9
Detector type: MCP/CCD camera
Energy channels: >1000 simultaneous
Angular channels: > 750 simultaneous
Acquisition modes: Swept, Fixed
Detector modes: Pulsed, ADC
Analyzer pump port: Yes

Deflection ready models
All of the DA30-L models are available in deflection ready versions. These models are mechanically prepared for deflection, but delivered without deflection electronics. The upgrade to full deflection capability can be done at any time at site. The performance of these models are identical to the deflection counterparts, except that deflection modes are unavailable.

Available models:
Scienta DA30-L-8000(R) ARPES



DA30-L allows for the combination of a 40 mm MCP and Scienta spin (Mott or VLEED).

Energy resolution: 1.8 meV
Pass Energy: 2 - 200 eV

Kinetic energy range
Transmission mode: 0.5 - 1500 eV
Angular mode: 3 - 1500 eV
Deflection mode: 3 - 200 eV

Detector interface:
Ø 40 mm MCP or
Ø 40 mm MCP + Scienta 2D/3D Mott spin or
Ø 40 mm MCP +Scienta 3D VLEED spin transfer

A) Spectrometer capability under optimal experimental conditions.


Highest Performance at the lowest kinetic energies

The DA30-L spectrometers are available in models specifically developed for ultra high resolution at the lowest kinetic energies. These are the models of choice for customers who wish to perform ARPES measurements below 3 eV kinetic energy.

DA30-L-8000 ARPES
Energy resolution: 1.0 meV
Pass Energy: 1 - 20 eV

Kinetic energy range
Transmission mode: 0.5 - 12 eV
Angular mode: 0.5 - 12 eV
Deflection mode: 0.5 - 12 eV
Detector interface: Same as DA30-L 12 eV