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  • High performance LEED optics
  • Easy to use, camera assisted remote control
  • Excellent & reliable mechanics
  • Excellent AES performance (see further details)
  • Camera assisted remote control  (GUI LEED)
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High performance LEED optics

25 Years of Experience
The Omicron NanoScience SPECTALEED range is both the most diverse and advanced available within the Low Energy Electron Diffraction (LEED) market. With more than 25 years of experience we have delivered over 1100 LEED instruments and continue to be today’s innovators in the LEED field.
The SPECTALEED delivers exceptionally sharp and bright LEED patterns with high resolution in k-space (typical transfer width of 300 Å at 100 eV). The wide viewing angle (102 ) and minimal shadowing of the screen by the miniature electron gun give a maximum visible LEED pattern. SPECTALEED’s are operated by the GUILEED control package which includes a camera and the software for remote and convenient operation. The software controls all relevant instrument parameters.
Four grid SPECTALEED optics can be upgraded to Auger capabilities at any time by adding a simple plug in module to the power supply with additional control software.


Easy to use, camera assisted remote control

Graphical User Interface GUI LEED - the GUI LEED software gives easy access and control of all instrument parameters while displaying a live view of the actual LEED screen.
Acquisition speed can be adjusted to optimise the signal to noise within the image. The new software allows also saving and restoring a complete set of parameters. The camera can be operated in single shot imaging and video mode (25 and 13.5 frames per second).
Our unique approach gives the ability to mount a LEED optic in any orientation on a chamber while providing maximum convenience of operation via a standard desktop (or laptop) PC with the USB controlled camera and digital power supply.
The previous generation of SPECTALEED instruments can be easily and simply upgraded to this new functionality. For further details please contact your local representative.


Excellent & Reliable mechanics

All SPECTALEED optics can be ordered with our kinematic retraction system and unique fan shutter design for maximum flexibility and easy integration into multitechnique systems.
The three lead screw retraction mechanism combines highly reliable operation with smooth and simple handling. Retraction lengths of 45 and 120mm are available as standard with other lengths available on request.
The proprietary bladed fan shutter provides protection for the grids during sample preparation, without the risk of a mechanical clash of previous generation plate shutters.
Both options are operated with the latest generation of low friction magnetically coupled rotary drives for leak free, long lifetime operation.


High quality data with precision analysis

Calibrate your LEED pattern for detailed, high precision analysis with the new LEEDCal software developed by Fritz & Sojka GbR.
Exclusive to Omicron NanoScience, LEEDCal is a user friendly package for the calibration of LEED patterns for accurate further analysis and is included with all new SPECTALEED instruments as standard.
LEEDCal’s graphical user interface, guides the user step by step through the calibration process, which uses the software algorithm to determine and correct for systematic distortions present in LEED patterns. The automatically created correction matrix, found by analysing a sample with a well-known surface structure (eg. Si(111), 7x7), can subsequently be applied to rectify all future LEED patterns acquired under the same experimental conditions.