EA 125

Hemispherical Energy Analyser

At a Glance

  • 125 mm mean radius hemispherical analyzer
  • Robust design & easy to use 
  • ISS, AES, SAM and UPS
  • Excellent price performance ratio
  • High pressure option 
  • CASCADE automation system
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Analyzer Concept

The EA 125 is an easy-to-use electron spectrometer offering excellent sensitivity and great flexibility for routine sample analysis. The advanced design of the analyzer, lens system, detector and control electronics enables the EA 125 to meet the demands of all standard electron spectroscopy requirements. A wide range of applications including XPS, XPD, AES, SAM, UPS, ISS, is applicable.

The analyzer provides high energy resolution which allows revealing even small chemical shifts in XPS and AES spectra for the precise characterization of chemical states and also makes it ideal for UPS. Providing high-count-rate the EA 125 ensures both sensitive surface analysis and fast data acquisition.

The EA 125 is easy to integrate in existing UHV systems.