CN 10

Electron Flood Source

At a Glance

  • Excellent charge neutralization
  • Very low electron energy spread  
  • Ultimate XPS resolution on insulators
  • Fully remote controlled

X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy (XPS) is ideal for investigating insulating materials such as polymers, ceramics and adhesives etc. In these materials the XPS technique leads to a depletion of electrons, which are not replaced in insulators, leading to a change in surface potential. As a result XPS peaks are shifted a peak identification becomes impossible.

The phenomenon of surface charging can be a particular problem during monochromated XPS, where a dynamic equilibrium is not established between the photoelectrons leaving the sample and the electrons delivered from the vacuum or sample bulk. As a result charge neutralization becomes unavoidable.

The CN 10 is a dedicated electron source allowing for excellent charge neutralization. The low energy spread of the BaO filament ensures ultimate XPS resolution on insulators. It is optimized for high beam currents down to lowest electron energies.

In addition the CN 10 has been designed to operate as part of a charge neutralization scheme in combination with the FDG 150 floating ion column.

The combination of CN 10 and FDG 150 allows even the most inhomogeneous ceramic compounds to be fully characterized.

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